Why You Should Consider Menu Boards for Your Establishment (revisited)

Customers want to have up-to-date products. Whether it is a product that has updated technology or a product that currently is in style, customers want these products. Businesses want to stay up-to-date with the products they are offering so they can keep their current customers and gain new customers. Of course there are other elements that go into whether or not someone does business with a company but the type of products offered are one of the main selling points.

The hospitality industry is no different than any other industry in wanting to keep up with the times. What is popular now, may no longer be what someone wants tomorrow. Being on the hospitality supplier side of things, it is interesting to see the product changes our company has gone through since 1980. I thumb through old catalogs to see popular products of ago, and it is amazing to see the different options that were available. For instance, green used to be a very popular menu cover color, almost as much as the color black. The color was so popular that we kept some green menu cover products in stock.

I fast forward to today and what is popular. In the almost two years that I have been with the company, there is one line of products that always comes up in conversations with customers in the industry. This product line continues to evolve and I see new creative designs from our menu design team all the time. The product line that I am speaking of is menu boards.

With the popularity of this product line the same as it was a year ago (and maybe even more popular), we will revisit my blog post from June 2016, on “Why You Should Consider Menu Boards for Your Establishment”. The post has been updated for a new line of menu boards – The Driftwood Collection.

Why You Should Consider Menu Boards for Your Establishment

June 28, 2016

The restaurant industry