The Importance of Hotel In-Room Directories

It’s simple, if you are visiting a town and staying in a room that isn’t yours, you may need some information to guide you. Places to eat and visit all are tidbits of information that may interest someone visiting a new town. If you are staying in a room that is not yours, you will want to know such information as how to operate the in-room technology and how to make the room cooler. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a resource that provided all this information?

If you happen to be staying at a hotel or resort, you know the answer is yes there is a resource for this, and this information should be able to be found in an in-room guest directory. If this in-room hotel marketing piece isn’t in your hotel rooms, it needs to be! A hotel directory can provide added value to your rooms with the information it supplies, and not to mention this marketing piece is another additional point of branding for your hotel.

In this week’s blog post, we are going to revisit a post from August 2016 on why guestroom directories are important and are the best in-room marketing piece for your hotel.

“The Best In-Room Marketing Piece for Your Hotel!” - August 2016

Imagine you are checking into your hotel room and you are disappointed that your original plans for your vacation have been paused due to rain. You are on vacation though, and while your original plans are halted, you don’t want to waste a day! What do you reach for first to research what to do in the area? More than likely you grab your phone. However, what if you saw an eye catching hotel directory in your room? Chances are you would be curious and at the minimum pick it up to see what was inside. The Hotel Directory (or Hotel Compendiums as some like to call it) is a useful resource for every hotel room. Go back to the forward mentioned scenario, if someone used their phone to research the area because there wasn’t a noticeable hotel directory in the room, they may have missed all the amenities that your hotel has to offer such as a spa or salon, or maybe even a kid’s camp during the day so just the adults can do something together.

Don’t have a hotel directory in your rooms? Here are two key reasons why we think every motel, hotel, resort and bed & breakfast should have one:

It’s a Resource – Hotel dir