The Ultimate Branded Giveaways for the Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us, so it’s that time again to choose the holiday gifts for your clients and employees. I have seen my fair share of promotional products this year, many that would be great for gift giving. What is great about promotional products is that you can always find a spot to add your logo thus every time the product is used your brand will be seen by at least the user, and possibly potential customers if used around others or in public.

Here is my list of products that I think would be great to give as gifts this year:

Outdoor Gifts: Encourage your staff and customers to unplug this year and go outside with these outdoor gifts! One product I really like are blankets. Available in numerous colors and able to be embroidered with a logo, blankets can be used at home, sporting events, the beach and in the park.

Speaking of the park, another item I like as a gift this holiday season is a picnic set. I have seen sets that feature plates, cups and utensils all in a nice bag. Want to upgrade from the traditional picnic set? Some sets include a cutting board with legs that can be propped up on the ground like a table, then easily folds up into a basket.

Drinkware: As I have mentioned before in previous blogs, I am a big fan of drinkware! Why do I like drinkware? A 2016 Global Advertising Specialties Impression Study, conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), found that in the United States promotional t-shirts are owned by 58% of the population, and drinkware comes in as the second most owned product with 53%.(1) Giving gifts that you know will be used, and kept, is a smart idea!

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