5 Quick & Inexpensive Ways to Give Your Restaurant a Makeover

Often when running a restaurant it’s not just the food that keeps customers coming back. Think about the appearance of your building, furniture, and staff; these appearances affect the image of your business. Consider the menu that is presented to your customer. If it is tattered and worn, what image does that convey? What about your walls? Could your walls use a fresh coat of paint? These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself as the appearance of your business does matter to your customers!

After thinking about your restaurant, if you determined that your restaurant could use some changes what changes should you start with? One factor in determining what alterations should be made often comes down to money. While some changes can come with a high price tag, other changes can be simple and relatively inexpensive. In today’s blog post we revisit, and provide some updates to, a previously posted blog, which gives ideas of quick and inexpensive ways to give your restaurant a makeover.

You always want your restaurant to look its best! Unfortunately “the best” can often mean expensive. If your dining area could use a facelift, the good news is there are things you can do that do not cost a lot of money or take a lot of time. Today, we present five simple and inexpensive ways that will give your current restaurant a refresh.

Rethink Your Menu Covers - Menus see a lot of use and abuse and tend to wear out quickly — especially if your menu covers are cheaply made. Switching to something more durable and sophisticated, such as our Majestic series of menu covers, provides an instant upgrade that will also last a lot longer. You can even add an embossed aluminum or copper plate to a die cut window, which will add an additional touch of class to your dining room.

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