Is it Time for a Menu Update?

As we come close to the end of the year it’s an ideal time for your establishment to review your marketing materials to make sure all is up-to-date for the next year. While this applies to all industries, an industry that should pay extra attention to updates are restaurants. A restaurant’s #1 sales tool is a marketing piece that can make the business profitable, or unfortunately make the business go under.

So what is this marketing piece? This number #1 sales tool for restaurants is the menu. When reviewing menus, here are some things restaurants should be looking for:

  • Review the popularity of dishes: Are there popular dishes that you want to better feature or maybe even slightly increase the price? On the other hand, are there dishes that aren’t selling that may require some additional review as to why the dishes are not selling? If something isn’t selling, you may want to replace it. Every space on your menu is valuable real estate!

  • Typos: Typos happen. You can look at your menu hundreds of times and still miss something. You may want to have some of your staff read over the menu to see if they might catch any errors that you did not.

  • Clarity of your menu: Are your customers able to read the menu without asking too many questions? Poll your servers and ask them if there are certain dishes that customers continue to ask about; maybe these dishes need some further clarification on the menu. Making your customers better informed may provide for a better dining experience for your customers. A better dining experience keeps customers coming back.

For today’s blog post, we are revisiting a post on “Why it is Important to Keep Your Menu Current” to provide some additional points to consider when reviewing your menu for an update.

Why it is Important to Keep Your Menu Current

Published: December 2015 & January 2017

When opening a restaurant, creating the right menu for your restaurant is one of the most important steps for your restaurant’s success. In making the selections for your menu, you are more than likely including certain dishes for various reasons. Your restaurant’s signature dishes are chosen because these dishes are wha