5 Trendy Products for 2018

To be at the top of your game in the competitive hospitality world, you have to make sure you are aware of what is new and exciting. At Menu Designs we have picked our top five “Trendy Products for 2018”, and have counted down those products from 5 to 1 below.

Reserved Sign

#5 - Custom Reserved Signs

If you are throwing a classy party, private event or banquet, you are going to need some upscale Reserved Signs. These are a nice touch to show that your establishment pays attention to detail which positively benefits your brand image. Especially if your client is paying a lot of money for the event, make sure you give them an exclusive experience by marking their space as reserved with something more professional.

Woodblock Table Stands

#4 - Woodblock Table Stands

The natural elements of wood are moving away from casual to more upscale. Woodblock Table Stands are a fresh way to advertise to your customers at eye level and make it easy to change your promotion inserts. They can also be customized with your establishment's logo for an extra piece of visible branding.