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5 Menu Types That Last

When deciding on menus for your restaurant, durability is an important factor to consider, especially in restaurants with a high-volume or family environment. To avoid the destruction that messy meals, spills, and children can cause, consider one of these five different styles of durable menu covers that are designed to last.

Bullet Board

The brand-new bullet board is a more durable wood board. This is great for harsh restaurant environments, including outdoor seating and high-volume restaurants. They are water, stain, and warp resistant and come in 6 colors unless you choose a color from our list of 100 color options.

Majestic Series

The majestic menu covers are incredibly easy to clean and maintain their elegant look and feel. These menus have the chic and luxurious feel for upscale restaurants, but the premium quality and durability to hold up in high-volume, busy restaurant environments.

Faux Cork

The faux cork menu covers are very similar to real cork menus, except for one distinct difference: versatility. They are designed to look just as classy as genuine cork menus, but the simulated leather material ensures these menus last.


Sharp and polished, these aluminum menu covers have a sleek finish that’s designed to impress. The brushed aluminum material makes this type of menu easy to wipe away typical restaurant messes. These menus can be dented, however, so for kid-friendly restaurants or high-volume bars, we recommend sticking to one of our other durable options. These come in many styles and sizes.

Copper Menu

These vintage-style menus are perfect for old-fashioned themed restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, and craft-cocktail bars. The copper on these distinctive menus is sturdy and can take a hit from a busy restaurant. We offer many different styles and patterns of copper menus.

For more information about these menus or other menus that may be more suitable for your bar or restaurant, give us a call at 800-889-6368 or 904-824-6171.

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