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Why Drink Menus Are Important

The drink menu is the #1 selling tool for an establishment.

Drink menus have the potential to increase beverage sales

& yield high profit margins.

It is best not to overwhelm your customers by having all of your food and drink options in one menu.

Have a separate drink menu that highlights your drink options by category. You can custom design your drink menu cover to match your entire menu ensemble. Your drink menu is one of the first things customers see when they visit your website or when they’re seated at your establishment. Not only can it help you create a positive customer experience, it can also help you maximize your profitability.

Our Top Drink Menu Design Choices:

Available in many different styles and sizes, making it perfect for any restaurant, bar, country club, cafe, etc.!

Some different styles of boards include, boards with bands, with clips, wood, bullet board, solid wood, colorful and more.

While there are various material styles and colors you can use to create a drink book to compliment your business, what if you could go even further with the customization of your drink books and incorporate an image that represents your restaurant? You can do that with a drink book cover that is created with litho

printing. No one else has your logo, your storefront, your mascot, etc. A litho printed drink menu book is truly unique to your establishment. Whether you want to express a bold style or a more refined atmosphere, litho drink books can help you achieve a design that is unique to you!

Perfect size to fit or stand on any table or bar top! It is a trendy and sleek looking menu, that binds your inserts with posts. Choose from multiple material options from our collections page. It also reflects on the type of establishment you are. If all drinks and cocktails are your specialty, you may need a sturdier menu cover to hold the many pages of options you carry.

Menu Designs has a drink menu book option that is right for your business. While we only mentioned a few options in this blog post, visit our website at for additional options. Have an idea for a drink menu book that is not listed on our website? Let us know and we can probably make it! Whichever drink menu cover you choose know that all Menu Designs’ covers are made with quality materials and great attention to detail. Whether you want a simple book or the most intricate design, an enticing and appealing drink book equals more sales for your establishment! Think Menu Designs for all your drink book needs.

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