What is BioShield?

Introducing BioShield Family of Products!

A three step system created to Clean, Sanitize, and Protect your products or establishment. These products are perfect for the hospitality industry, and can be purchased together, or separately. In this post we will be discussing each product's purpose more in depth, and how to use it.

Step 1: Clean - Green Kleen 420-4 is a ready-to-use spray and wipe cleaner that instantly removes dirt, built-up grime and greasy smudges from most washable surfaces. Green Kleen 420-4 cleans on contact, just spray it on and garbage cans, and other areas where odors may be a problem.. With Green Kleen 420-4 cleaning is made easy. Spray on and wipe away dirt and grease stains.

Available in quart bottles packed 12 to a case with 2 trigger sprayers or gallons pack 4 to a case.