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3 Reasons to Use Menu Boards

Menu boards are a classic way to display your menu for several reasons that we discuss below. Menu boards are very simple to customize in terms of logos, materials, stains, and more. Most establishments cannot go wrong with this menu type.

Functional Menu Boards

Menu boards are great for high-volume settings and establishments that often switch out their menu offerings. The menu is thinner and easier to stack, making it time effective for hosts and servers to get around the restaurant with them. This also helps with storage.

For establishments with seasonal menus, daily specials, or event promotions these menus come in handy due to how easy it is to quickly switch out the menu inserts. Attach the menu to the board using bands, a clipboard, screw posts, or flaps.

Custom Menu Boards

The attractive feature about menu boards is that you can create them in almost any material that standard menus come in. It's most common to see menu boards in a basic wood, acrylic, or SuperFlex synthetic material, but you can easily dress them up for vineyards, fine dining establishments, 5-star hotels, etc. with cork, simulated leather, or copper materials.

If you choose to stick to the fan fave of wood or faux wood menu boards, they can be stained in a variety of colors. The Bullet Board is a newer menu board that has been very popular for its slate stains. If you're looking for colorful printing options, we recommend sticking to acrylic, SuperFlex, or press boards. Press boards also come in distressed color options.

Durable Menu Covers

Whether you're a high-volume establishment, outdoor establishment, or a slow pace, candlelit restaurant, there are board options for you. Some boards, like the SuperFlex and Bullet Board, are water and stain resistant. In high-traffic establishments, these menus will last.

The antique and upscale materials, such as copper menu covers and the Majestic Series, are versatile menus that will hold their tasteful appearance long after they've added value and increased sales at your establishment.

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