"Check, Please!"

New Presenter

When you hear those words, you know it’s the last opportunity to make a lasting

impression on your customers. If you return with a loose check or simple, generic check presenter you are leaving your restaurant vulnerable to a less than excellent view in your guests’ eyes.

Branded check presenters offer extremely valuable benefits to restaurants. The first and most obvious benefit is the presentation quality. The check presenter is a final representation of the quality of your restaurant, and often times, it can subconsciously make the price on the check not look so surprising.

Matching Set

The branding opportunity is important to note as well. If you have the chance to present your business name and logo one more time, why wouldn’t you do it? Match your check presenter to your menu to really establish an active presence in your customer’s mind. If they see your name and logo enough times, you’ll be top of mind next time they’re deciding where to eat.

There is also a functional benefit to check presenters that is often overlooked. They’re a very important part of keeping checks and cards organized. Especially at times when servers are dealing with multiple checks, it can be easy to mix-up credit cards and checks. Requiring servers to use a proper check presenter can save you time, money, and customer satisfaction.

We can fully customize any style, color, material, etc. of check presenters to compliment your establishment best. Below you’ll find some of our favorites and some inspiration to help you decide what would look best.