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How to Achieve a Rustic Menu

The rustic look is great when you want to exude a feeling of comfort in your establishment. It's a comfortable, homey look that can give your customers a sense of nostalgia. Rustic menu covers are great for cabins and lodges, local restaurants, vineyards, breweries, and more.

Almost any wood or wood-like material is going to exude that rustic appearance for your establishment. Below are different styles of rustic, wood menus.

Wood Menus

The most obvious look would be a standard, 100% wood menu cover. The cool thing about wood covers is you can stain them to get almost any wood color that you want. The other perk about genuine wood is they will look slightly different than any other wood menu with the textured appearance. We consider these menus to have a very natural and distinctive appearance. The downside is that wood menus are not designed for high-traffic restaurants, bars, or breweries. They are best for low to moderate volume settings where they will be handled in a less aggressive manner.

Bamboo Menus

Bamboo is a great look for those wanting to achieve the naturally rustic appearance. Bamboo adds incredible texture to menus, ensuring it gets noticed among your customers. This style is also great for spas and Asian Cuisine. If you like the bamboo, but the texture doesn't suit your establishment, smooth it out with bamboo plywood.

Faux Wood Menu

If you do happen to manage a high-volume establishment, faux wood menus will give you the durability you need. These are constructed with simulated leather and look very similar to true wood menus, giving the same textured and rustic appearance. Faux wood allows you to use more elegant gray stains as well.

Bullet Boards

These are another durable alternative to wood menus. These are board menus are a more unique take on wood menus. They are also so durable that they make ideal outdoor and pool menus as well. They are water, warp and stain resistant and the ultimate combination of style and durability.

A wood style menu can make your customers feel like they are in a familiar place and in a friendly environment. Rustic menus can take two directions; the rural, countryside one or the high-class, simple elegance route. Browse a menu's gallery by clicking on the photos or request more information on one of these menu types by clicking the information button below. We are happy to discuss your menu needs with you and point you in the right direction.

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