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The Most Simplistic Menu

Whether you are just opening your restaurant, you're a high-traffic establishment, or you simply do not need an elaborate menu, the SuperFlex Synthetic menu is likely what you're looking for. It's a straight-forward menu that looks like paper but functions like steel.

The SuperFlex is made from a durable, synthetic paper that is tear-resistant, stain-resistant, and waterproof. This menu is ideal for family settings that welcome lots of children and high-traffic establishments that experience more spills and messes than the average restaurant.


They are also very thin and easy to transport and store. This saves time and promotes greater efficiency with your restaurant operations. They can act as menu boards and only have a front and back side, or they can be constructed into a flip menu. These are likely the most functional menu that you could use.

As far as customization goes, the benefit with SuperFlex is that they are printed menus and therefore color and print design options are endless. You can print any design in any size.

Basic Menu

The menu can range in size between 4" x 6" and 11" x 17" and the thickness can be adjusted as needed, as well.

These menus are a great go-to menu when you're just starting out, want lavish colors and designs, or you're just not sure what menu cover to settle with. For additional info on these menus, click the Information button below and we'll reach out to assist you.

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