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Need Products Fast? Check Out Menu Designs’ Line of In-Stock Products.

At Menu Designs, while we are known for creating unique and custom designs for our customers, we realize that some of our customers may be in a rush for their products. Knowing this, Menu Designs keeps in stock our most popular products for our customers. From popular menu cover styles to table top marketing pieces and check presenters, here are some of our most popular in-stock products:

Plaza Menu Covers: Our #1 best seller in 2016 was the Plaza menu cover. Available in-stock in black, our Plaza is available in various sizes and views. Why is this cover so popular in black? Black is a classic color that has stood the test of time and goes well with mostly any décor. The black color combined with the sophistication of the Plaza menu cover, that features catch corners for holding your menu inserts, makes for a versatile menu cover that any establishment can use.

Acrylic Table Stands: In previous posts, we have discussed why we are such big fans of table top marketing. Here is a quick summary: From ads on the radio to billboards on the highway, marketing messages are everywhere! While these messages are everywhere, how many messages are actually being processed and understood by the consumer? It’s difficult to get a consumer’s attention for even a minute, but restaurants and bars have a tool that they can use to get their marketing messages in front of consumers for a considerable amount of time. That tool is tabletop marketing. Tabletop marketing comes in many designs but all product designs have the same goal, to market your specials and event messages to your consumers. Tabletop marketing is great because even after the normal menus are gone, this marketing piece remains.

At Menu Designs we offer many table top marketing pieces in stock but one of our favorites, and best sellers, is the acrylic table stand. Our acrylic table stands are available in various sizes and styles, and are great for restaurants, bars and hotels, but also any retail establishment. The acrylic table stand neatly holds and protects your insert. Inserts are easily able to be changed, and our most popular 6”x4” stand looks great with your logo etched or screen printed on the stand!

These are just a few of our in-stock product options. Be sure to check out our complete line of in-stock products here.

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