Popular Promotional, Print and Apparel Items for Political Campaigns

2016 is a big election year! Whether you are a supporter of a particular candidate and want to show support, on a campaign committee or a candidate looking to promote yourself, promotional, print and apparel items are must have items for any political campaign! Show your support and excite voters with these political campaign items:

Rack Cards

Rack cards are a useful promotional tool as these cards display details about a candidate’s platform, help build credibility for the candidate and educate voters. The cards should contain a mix of images and information about the candidate, and can also include information about how to vote for the candidate. From mayoral elections to the presidential election of 2016, all candidates should be using this highly effective, yet low cost, printed card.

Yard Signs

There is no better way to gain attention for a candidate than an eye catching sign that is seen by all passersby. Options include different sign materials and sizes; there is a sign option for every budget! Customize a sign that is unique to the candidate and keeps their name top of mind. Do not forget to add the election date so voters remember when to vote! Stand out from the crowd with yard signs for your political campaigns.


Similar to yard signs if you want to gain attention for your candidate and get their name in front those that may not even be at a political event, look to branded shirts! Political shirts are a walking advertisement as everyone you pass has the opportunity to see your campaign message. Candidates and their committees should consider purchasing shirts for not only themselves but for large supporters as well as highly seen supporters. Political candidates want to get their name out in front of voters and branded shirts are a perfect way for their name to be seen. Campaign shirts also are a great memento to be reminded of the election at a later date.