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Top Performing Vintage Menus

Vintage Covers

The vintage theme has been a popular one for hotels, restaurants, and especially bars for the last several years now. It's an intriguing design for customers and its inviting look leads to higher sales and opportunity for higher profit margins.

But don't sell yourself short when you approach the vintage look. Execute it through your number one marketing tool: the menu. Below are top performing vintage menu covers.

Copper Menus

Copper menu covers are an excellent and effective go-to menu for cafes, speakeasy style establishments, antique venues and more.

A unique feature about copper menus is that no two menus are exactly the same. Though you can choose to use the same type of copper, every menu cover with vary slightly in design and texture.

Linen Vintage

A linen menu can entice customers with an elegant, vintage look that implies high end hor' d'oeuvres and wines. Linen covers are a unique approach to vintage that is perfect for boutique hotels, casinos, wine bars, and more.

Vino Vintage

The Vino menu is a newer menu cover that was designed to achieve a double sided texture. The decorative stitching leaves this cover with a sophisticated and classy appearance. Whiskey bars, cigar lounges, and city clubs should consider this vintage menu.

Cork Menus

Cork menus are a popular option for establishments looking for a vintage style menu cover. They're very stylish and can be designed a number of ways. Make this menu cover even more vintage with a window cutout, exposing your brand name on a sheet of copper.

For more information regarding these vintage menu types or about achieving the vintage menu look using other materials such as wood, click the Information button below and we will contact you shortly.

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