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Top 3 Performing Pool Menus

Pool Menu

It's that time of the year to start considering what your pool menu will not only consist of, but what it'll look like. With any menu, it's essential to match the design of your menu to your brand image, obviously, but when it comes to pool menus, selecting the right material is very important as well.

You want to ensure your pool menu will hold up, even during the most concentrated months of the warm season. This means your menu must be able to bear the burden of water, stains, drops, and mistreatment.

Below are the top 3 performing materials we recommend considering for your next pool menu.

Acrylic Menu

Acrylic menus are extremely durable. They are water resistant against splashes and spills and they are long-lasting. These menus offer more unique design options in terms of shape and material combinations. The logo on these menus can be laser etched or screen printed. Use a band, clip, or screws to bind your menu insert to this sturdy pool menu.

Bullet Board Menu

Bullet Board is an alternative to wood that is ideal for harsh environments. It's stain, water, and warp resistant, perfect for high-volume and outdoor venues. If you're looking for a more upscale looking pool menu, we recommend using Bullet Board.

SuperFlex Synthetic

SuperFlex Synthetic material is a durable, synthetic paper that is totally waterproof. It's also stain and tear resistant, making this menu very popular among outdoor establishments. This is a great go-to for venues looking for a colorful menu design because this menu can be printed in any color with any printed design. These hold up much longer than paper and laminate menus and they come in various thicknesses for your convenience.

For more information regarding pool menus, click the Information button below and we will reach out to you to be of assistance. You can also head over to our newly designed website and check out our Idea Gallery for more inspiration for your next menu renovation.

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