8 Variations of Menu Boards

Menu Boards

Menu boards are a very popular menu style. They're simple, straight-forward, and serve as great menu options for a number of reasons. Menu boards are thinner, making them easier to store and manage. They also require less effort to replace the menu insert. This is great for establishments that are constantly changing and adjusting their menu offerings.

Below are 8 variations of menu boards.


Wood Board

Wood menu boards can be uniquely designed. Cut them in unique shapes and choose a stain from many options. The logo on these menus can be laser etched or screen printed. The insert attaches to the wood board via a band or a clip, making it a clipboard menu.

We recommend wood menu boards for high-volume restaurants, rustic establishments, sports bars, and more.

Bullet Board

Bullet Board

Bullet boards look similar to wood but they are even more durable. They were designed to hold up in harsher and outdoor environments, while maintaining a clean look. They're water, stain, and warp resistant and come in multiple stain options including slate stains.

We recommend these for outdoor venues, family settings, and high-volume restaurants.


Colorful Menu

If your restaurant has a bright and colorful theme colorful menu boards may be your go-to variation of menu boards. They're also known for their durability, but most of all, they are known for their customization options. These are cool because they also offer a distress design option.

These are recommended for kid-friendly restaurants, colorful venues, diners, and more.

Solid Wood Plank

Plank Board

The solid wood plank is similar to other menu boards, but it is made from solid wood. Get it in 1/2" or 1/4" thickness. They come in two stain options, alder and walnut. You can laser etch or screen print your logo on these planks. These are very unique and impressive menus that are also easy to manage. Replacing the menu insert is very inexpensive and quick. Make an impression with wood plank menus.

We recommend these for rustic bars, upscale sports restaurants, vineyards, breweries, cafes, and more.


Sonoma Board

Sonoma menu boards are known for their ease to use. It's especially simple to replace the menu insert with this menu board. The insert slides through the top of the menu board and is viewed through a matte, vinyl protector pocket. These are great for daily specials and frequent menu changes.

We recommend this menu board as a happy hour or special menus.


Acrylic Menu