4 Easy Steps to Designing a Menu Board

Menu Boards

Menu boards are a simplistic menu option that are among the most popular menu types for restaurants, bars, and hotels. It takes minimal time to replace the menu insert in these menus and they are easy to transport and store. There are also practically endless variations and designs within this menu type, allowing you to create something unique, yet simple.

Below are three steps to creating and designing your next menu board.

Step 1: View the Idea Gallery.

Check out our Idea Gallery for dozens of unique menu board designs. This will help you get a better idea for the menu you need for your establishment.

Step 2: Select the material you want to use.

At Menu Designs, we offer eight different menu board materials, one being a tablet cover. The remainder range from variations of wood to acrylic to synthetic paper and more.

Be sure to review the material options you're considering by clicking here. Some menu materials are designed to be more durable and hold up well in high-volume establishments.

Menu Board