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How to Design Your Next Pool Menu

Pool Menu

When approaching pool menu design, you may think your options are limited. When you consider the splashing, outdoors, and other destructive elements, you may also not anticipate your menu lasting long or expect it to maintain a clean appearance.

Consider this myth debunked, because with today's resources, pool menus are better than ever. They are practically immune to destructive elements like water, dyes, dare we say children...

In addition to this, there are several design options that allow you to protect customers from a boring pool menu and protect your business from sinking sales.

Different design options are suitable for different establishments depending on the establishment's target audience, menu prices, and establishment atmosphere. Below are variations of pool menu designs you won't wait to dive into.

Durable Pool Menu

Bullet boards are commonly used for pool and outdoor menus due to their high durability. It is a resin board that is water, stain, and warp resistant. Need another reason to use this menu material to design your pool menu? This menu material presents a high quality and professional appearance to guests.

We highly recommend this material for upscale outdoor restaurants and hotels. It will hold up nicely and will compliment your establishment's setting.

This menu material can be cut into custom shapes and can be stained into one of six unique textures and tones. Bind your menu inserts to your menu in a number of ways, from using bands, a clipboard, or a ring.

Pool Menu Design

A very popular menu type used as pool and outdoor menus is the SuperFlex Synthetic menu. It is waterproof, stain resistant, and tear resistant.

A common reason this menu stands out is for its flexible design options. These menus are printed so any design in any color can be made on this menu. With this design freedom and ability to make this menu completely unique and your own, this menu option is suitable for most all outdoor establishments.

Acrylic Pool Menu

Acrylic menus are water resistant and one of the most durable menu types. In terms of style options, this menu is the best choice. This menu has almost all of the binding, sizing, and design options that indoor menu covers offer.

Plus, any color can be added to this menu, similarly to the SuperFlex Synthetic. Another perk with designing this menu is the ability to incorporate other menu materials into the design (see above left image).

Pool Menu Design

If those pool menu options just aren't cutting it for you, get in touch with your most creative side. Put your poolside specials on a beach ball and toss it in the water. Or use unique table top displays to catch some eyes and spike your sales.

For additional information or inspiration about pool menus and your next design, click the Information button below and we will happily reach out to answer your questions. If you would like to browse around, check out our website, and in particular, our Idea Galleries. Within these are hundreds of custom menu designs that we have designed for the masses. Enjoy!

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