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Create a Lasting Impression with Sampler Paddles for Beverage and Food Tastings

Food and beverage sampling has become a popular trend. While craft beer sampling may be the most popular sampling option, other beverages such as whiskey or soda, and foods such as desserts or appetizers, are becoming more popular. Here’s why we like this trend:

Customers Get to Try More Food and Drinks – Cannot decide what to order because there are too many great options? Maybe there are a few items on the menu you want to try, but do not want to pay for a full meal or drink that you might not like? These are thoughts going through some restaurant and bar guests when they look at your menus. With sampling, guests can try multiple products to satisfy wanting to try more than one dish or drink. Guests will often find a new favorite that they may not have ordered before if the option for sampling was not available.

Craft breweries seem to be leading this tasting trend. Craft beer fans will add breweries to their travel plans when visiting a new city and often opt for tastings when available so they can try every option of the brewery has to offer.

It’s Fun! – Not only is sampling a practical option to try multiple foods and drinks, but it is fun! Sampling can make for a fun dining or drink experience. As a restaurant or bar, not only can you have fun with your offerings, but you can be creative with how you present your samples.

For a lasting impression for your samplings, consider sampler paddles to showcase your food or drink samples. Sampler paddles are ideal for restaurants, pubs, promotional events and tastings. There are traditional options that you can choose from or a custom design can be created for your restaurant or bar. Menu Designs can supply the sampler paddles to make your tasting a hit! Click here for more information on our sampler paddles.

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