Why You Should Consider Menu Boards for Your Establishment

The restaurant industry is constantly changing. From trends in the styles of food being served to where people are eating, this industry is always evolving and countless new trends are popping up. In addition to the changes in what and where food is being served, how food and drink offerings are presented to the customer is changing. One of the newer and trendy ways to showcase your menu options is the menu board.

Like traditional menu covers, menu boards attractively display your menu options but unlike traditional menu covers, have a slightly different look. The main difference in the look is that boards, instead of covers, display your menu offerings. Menu boards are the perfect choice for showcasing your regular menus, drink or specials menus, and because of the ease of changing out menu inserts, this is a popular choice for restaurants with specials that change nightly or seasonal menus. With the flexibility of changing out menu inserts, there are no expensive menu changes with menu boards, as the insert is all you need to change.

With Menu Designs known for custom menu options, you have many choices when it comes to designing your menu board. Customization options include the type of menu board material, how your menu is secured and your logo design. Here’s a little more about the different options to choose from when creating your unique menu board:

Board Materials Options

Acrylic – If you are looking for a sturdy board that is available in a variety of colors to match your restaurant’s decor, the acrylic menu board may be best for your establishment. Acrylic menu boards add a glossy flair to any tabletop, and are perfect for wine, cocktail, and dessert menus.

Bamboo – Bamboo conveys an image of strength, but also has an element of simplicity to it. In addition, this material is also eco-friendly! While bamboo menu boards can fit in anywhere, these boards are a particularly good fit with farm-to-table and organic eateries.

Wood - Wood menu boards have the versatility of looking edgy or antique, classic or trendy, depending on how you customize your board. Choose from ten different stain options ranging from Light Natural to Dark Espresso, with Red Sedona in between.

Colorful - Our colorful menu boards are available in a rainbow of bright colors with either a distressed finish or damask pattern. Colorful clipboard menus are great for adding a pop of color or a playful accent to your decor. Light and dark natural board options, without distressing or pattern, are also available.