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Fabulously Faux

Today’s market wants genuine. Genuine customer service, genuine answers and genuine products. However, genuine products, like leather, can get expensive. So what do you do when you are on a budget but want the same level of quality in your restaurant menu covers as you would get with genuine materials? Menu Designs has so many alternative FAUX options that look and feel genuine for the customer with expensive taste, except, these options won’t break the bank.

Simulated vs. Genuine Leather

To be honest, I can’t tell that our simulated menu covers are made of faux leather! Our simulated leather series of menu covers gives the menu an elegant and rustic appearance if you go with traditional black or brown material. However, with simulated leather you can manipulate the color to just about anything your heart desires. Choose a color to match your restaurant décor without sacrificing the upscale look of leather for plastic. Additionally, faux leather lasts longer and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth without a problem.

Is That Leather or Wood?

Menu Designs has perfected the art of combining the rustic look of wood with the functionality of simulated leather to get the popular Faux Wood collection of menu covers. They are honestly a perfect fit for multiple décor styles, ranging from elegant to casual. An added bonus, because it’s not real wood we can manipulate the shade of material! Go with a lighter grey shade to resemble a beachy, seashore look, or go with a darker brown to resemble rich mahogany. Also, your waiters will thank you for choosing the lighter option! Faux wood menu covers are much lighter in weight than a stack of menu boards made of real wood.

Faux Leather Can Be Made to Look Like Cork Too! Who Knew?

Plain and simple, faux cork looks and feels exactly like real cork but it’s less expensive. The only difference is maybe the smell? But I think your customers would rather smell your delicious food than genuine cork menu covers. Besides, genuine cork may chip away or whether down faster than a faux cork menu cover. This is because our faux cork material is highly durable while at the same time maintaining an upscale, classy and versatile aesthetic.

So, which faux material would best fit the look at your restaurant?

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