11 Menus That Look the Part

At Menu Designs, we're lucky enough to service restaurants, bars, corporate offices, and hotels all around the world. Over the years we have perfected the art of menu designing and now, we want to share a few of our favorites with you. These designs of the menus not only look nice, but they were strategically designed to match the branding and goals of the establishments they were made for.

Custom Menu

La Porta Ristorante & Wine Bar

We receive lots of requests design menus with a copper or aluminum window where the logo and establishment name is located, but here, we took it up a notch. Instead of adding the standard window in the upper center of the front cover, we switched it up and moved it over to the right side of the menu. This look is chic, sophisticated, and innovative.

Copper Board Menu

Darby's of 59

This board menu is fun, functional, and simplistic. The menu is designed to easily replace the menu inserts but the front cover design is tactful enough to make a well-branded statement. If this menu doesn't scream gastropub, we don't know what does. The material of this menu is the Copper Kettle Harmony Tango and the logo is screenprinted.

Restaurant Menu

Murano Specialty Restaurant