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How to Create a Custom Menu Design

The menu is likely the #1 marketing tool that your establishment possesses. It implants a subconscious outlook on your establishment to your customer. However, if you're here, you likely already know this and are aware that it's time for a menu upgrade.

Custom Menu

Whether you're upgrading a preexisting menu or you're a new establishment, we can help you understand how to create a custom menu design that represents your establishment the way you wish to be noticed.

Menus can be made out of any material that withstands a restaurant environment. Menus are designed out of leather, cork, bamboo, aluminum and even linens and coppers.

All of these materials are perceived differently to the customer. A bamboo menu typically exerts an Asian cuisine or a tropical look, copper menus look and feel vintage, antique, and "speakeasy", and cork menus convince the customer they're in an upscale environment that serves quality wine. Cork menus are great for vineyards.

Custom Menus

Although there are some incredible menu materials out there, menus should not always be this intricate. Depending on the style, prices, food, and pace of the establishment, a simple, colorful print menu may be more necessary to optimize success. Print menus can be constructed out of a few variations of materials and design options. They can also be printed in almost any color to add flare.

Print Menus

However, making sure you combine the right materials and print with your establishment is essential to optimize your repeat customers and sales.

We have a design team on staff that takes your design ideas and works with you to create a menu that compliments your establishment in the best way possible. If you're interested in discussing a custom menu design with a designer, fill out our brief Design Questionnaire and a designer will be in touch shortly.

In addition to menus, we design business cards, marketing materials, signs, and more. Design services not only reenforce your brand's image, quality print materials will give a high-quality perception to your clientele.

Design Services

For additional questions or information, click the Information button below and we will have someone contact you to answer your questions and provide additional information about design and print services.

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