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Increase Restaurant Revenue with Table Top Promotions

Location, location, location. In the real estate market, that is one of the most commonly used phrases to describe value. The same can be said about the restaurant, where the most valuable real estate is on the table. Nowhere else do you have the customer’s attention than when they are sitting at the table. Because of this, one way to look at increasing revenue is by utilizing table top promotions. Depending on the type of restaurant and the size of the table, there are a number of ways this can be done effectively.

Traditional A-frame style table tents or acrylic stands have long been useful ways to promote drink and/or dessert specials. Recently, flip style plastic or wooden stands have grown in popularity, allowing the customer to look through different pages of products and promotions. For family style restaurants with larger booths or tables, incorporating a table top promotion onto a condiment holder is not only functional, but it can be designed to maximize the table space.

From a service standpoint, having a promotion listed on the table provides your servers with a reminder to point out the promotion and an opportunity to upsell.

From a revenue standpoint, one of the great things about offering a promotion is versatility. You can use it as a method to try out a new item before adding it to the menu, or to try some different combinations of appetizer & drink specials.

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