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Tips for Choosing the Best Wine Menu Covers

wine menu covers

Menus are an extremely important part of a diner's experience. When choosing from the wide variety of

wine menu covers available, you want to ensure your menu entices and engages your customers. The following tips will help you choose a wine menu cover that's best for your establishment.

  • Menu Style - There's a plethora of wine and drink menu styles available, including contemporary, captain's book, ring binder, clipboard, table top, and even LED menus. Each of these styles has a variety of options and can be customized to match your restaurant's theme and brand.

  • Materials - Often the style of menu you choose is closely linked to the type of material it's made out of. For instance, leather tends to work better with captain's books while vinyl is more appropriate for contemporary menus. Ease of cleaning is generally a major consideration when choosing materials, making vinyl a popular choice.

  • Quality - Menus are handled quite a bit so they need to be sturdy and well made. One of the easiest ways to add heft to your menu is by using metal corners for added durability.

  • Budget - Of course, the type and style of wine menu you choose is also dependent upon how much you have to spend. While it might be tempting to buy less expensive menus, keep in mind you may be replacing them more frequently. Ultimately, it may make sense to spend a little more at the outset to avoid spending more later on replacements.

  • Changeability – With the new FDA requirements for Calories to be listed on the menus and drink menus it’s important to select a wine menu that will allow for changeability of one menu insert. You don’t want to be locked in to a menu format that will require you to change out the whole menu for one simple change.

Remember, your menu makes a statement about your eatery so make sure it's a great one!

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