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Menu Covers for a Changing Menu

Customers that dine out know that no two restaurants are the same, even chain restaurants often have elements unique to each particular location. Per Statista there were over 630,000 restaurants in the United States in the spring of 2015(1), all doing something a little different than the next. One variance among restaurants, that usually determines whether or not someone chooses that restaurant over another, is the menu offerings. Some restaurants choose to keep their menu offerings consistent and hardly ever change their menu. Other restaurants however may opt to rotate their offerings depending on the season or even the day of the week. Often how these menu items are presented can be as important as the actual food. If your restaurant or bar has a rotating menu then you will want to have a menu cover that is flexible and can change with your menu. In this post, I will review some options for restaurants that need “Menu Covers for a Changing Menu”.

Café Covers – This is our most popular menu cover for restaurants of all sizes because of its versatility. If you only need to update one page of your menu, you would only need to reprint that one page instead of your entire menu. These menu covers are able to be customized with various features including the number of panels, color and size. Café covers are also durable, lightweight, and easy to clean.

Menu Boards - Our menu boards are available with bands or as a clipboard, and are available in various materials and styles. Menu inserts are secured by bands or a clip, and both allow for inserts to easily be removed and reprinted when a change is needed. Menu boards have a unique yet modern look that makes this menu design one of our hottest products. In addition to this style of menu boards, some of the menu cover options in our custom series are available in a Newport or Tablet board style menu board.

When choosing the menu cover to hold your restaurant’s menu, think ahead. Choose a menu cover not only for the look but also consider the flexibility of the menu cover too. If you plan on making changes to your menu, consider menu covers that can easily be changed without having to reprint your entire menu to save your restaurant time and money. The above are just two of the many flexible menu cover options that we create at Menu Designs. We have many more flexible menu cover options and since we are a custom manufacturer, we can take your menu cover ideas and create a one-of-a-kind menu design!

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