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The Best In-Room Marketing Piece for Your Hotel

Imagine you are checking into your hotel room and you are disappointed that your original plans for your vacation have been paused due to rain. You are on vacation though, and while your original plans are halted, you don’t want to waste a day! What do you reach for first to research what to do in the area? More than likely you grab your phone. However, what if you saw an eye catching hotel directory in your room? Chances are you would be curious and at the minimum pick it up to see what was inside. The Hotel Directory (or Hotel Compendiums as some like to call it) is a useful resource for every hotel room. Go back to the forward mentioned scenario, if someone used their phone to research the area because there wasn’t a noticeable hotel directory in the room, they may have missed all the amenities that your hotel has to offer such as a spa or salon, or maybe even a kid’s camp during the day so just the adults can do something together.

Don’t have a hotel directory in your rooms? Here are two key reasons why we think every motel, hotel, resort and bed & breakfast should have one:

It’s a Resource – Hotel directories are informative. You want your guests to know not only about the area but the amenities of your hotel, which can help drive your propriety’s revenue. For your hotel promotion you want to include your spa information and your room service menus. Consider even offering an incentive for reading the directory such as 10% off in your hotel gift shop. Other information you don’t want to forget to include is your wi-fi password and TV channel guide. When creating your hotel directories, think like your guests and include what information would benefit them.

Additional Branding – Hotel directories are another place you can put your logo for additional brand recognition. Whether you choose a basic design or something custom, the additional logo placement can further keep your hotel on the mind of your guests. From a basic directory to an elaborate work of art, Menu Designs can create the perfect product for your hotel. At Menu Designs, we pride ourselves in the high quality design and materials of each of our products. The options for the creation of your hotel directory is endless so we can create a design that is perfect for your hotel and will represent your property.

In addition to the traditional directory, we know that a greater number of hotels are starting to move away from paper and going digital. One of the first digital changes being made is doing away with the traditional hotel directories and choosing tablets or iPads to display information in hotel guest rooms. While these tablets are great on their own, why not extend your hotel’s brand visibility to the tablet with a branded tablet cover? Menu Designs can customize a tablet cover to fit your needs, in hundreds of cover material options. Like traditional hotel directories, by extending your logo and brand colors to your tablet covers, brand recognition is increased and the style of your accessories is kept consistent throughout your hotel.

While the concept of the hotel directory may be simple, it is something that is often left out in rooms. Even if you do have a hotel directory in your hotel rooms, you may want to take the time to consider if your hotel directory is representing your property as it should. As a hotel, you already have the guests in your hotel, make sure that every detail is perfect to keep them coming back!

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