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My First Impression of Menu Designs

Communication and interaction hinges on first impressions. After all, you have about ten seconds to grab a consumer’s attention before they decide to click away from your website. The same rule applies to speeches, presentations, and conversations. If the first ten seconds are not engaging, then forget it. However, to my surprise, Menu Designs won me over in less than that.

My name is Sierra Aitken, and I am the new Marketing Intern for Menu Designs. I want to share the importance of first impressions between your business and the consumer. Your customers should be wanting more, after that first positive and lasting memory of your brand.

Although Menu Designs makes a PLETHORA of quality products for the hospitality industry, they specialize in custom menu covers. My first day on the job, I knew I hit the Motherload of all things menu design. Boxes of menu cover samples were brought to my desk for me to feel and admire. Each and every one was unique, varying in size, color, shape, texture, material, weight, style and the list goes on. Within seconds I went from being completely unaware of the endless possibilities awaiting local restaurants, to having my eyes opened wide. Handmade with quality, each product is manufactured with perfection and minute detail. The menu covers were each creative and classy, yet felt above and beyond that in my hands. Suddenly, I wanted to sit in all of these restaurants, just to let my eyes tour their beautiful menus.

Imagine, you as a restaurant owner seating a first time customer who is on the fence about trying a new place. Within the first few seconds they are seated, welcomed and handed a beautifully designed menu of quality and character. That new customer is now more likely to think that your establishment cares just as much about the quality of the food and customer service as they do about their menus. These menus are like gorgeous red velvet curtains awaiting to be opened before the main act begins. Make sure your first impression, your Broadway curtain, embodies a positive image of your restaurant. Then, I can guarantee you will be seeing that customer again.

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