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Make Your Drink Books Stand Out with Litho Printing!

Eye-Catching. Striking. Memorable. How do you make the drink books in your establishment stand out? Whether you want a simple book or the most intricate design, any bar, restaurant or country club knows that if you make your drink books appealing to your customers, this equals more sales for you!

While there are various material styles and colors you can use to create a drink book to compliment your business, what if you could go even further with the customization of your drink books and incorporate an image that represents your restaurant? You can do that with a drink book cover that is created with litho printing.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using litho printing for your next menu cover project:

It’s Easy – In order to create a litho drink menu cover all you need is camera ready art. For litho printing we take your camera ready art and turn it into your custom drink book cover. Whether it’s your logo, mascot, store front, or any image that represents your restaurant, we can turn your photo into your one-of-a-kind drink book. Think of the positive impression for guests, as well a great conversation starter for servers, that a photo of your famous drink on the front of a cover would make. Not sure what photo would make the most impact on your customers? At Menu Designs, we can help you every step of the way from design to printing to make sure you have the best drink book cover for your establishment! With litho drink book covers, you can make your drink menu covers look as good as the drinks you are serving!

With endless options, what photo will you choose for your drink book?

Versatile – Litho printing isn’t just for drink menu covers! Business cards, stationary, posters, posters and more can all be printed with your unique photo design. Consider a unifying image (or images) for all your printed marketing and business materials. Utilizing litho printing can bring pizazz to dull business materials!

It’s Truly Unique to YOU – No one else has your logo, your storefront, your mascot, etc. A menu cover or other items litho printed are truly unique to your establishment. Whether you want to express a bold style or a more refined atmosphere, litho drink books can help you achieve a design that is unique to you!

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