What Branded Gifts Should You Be Giving This Holiday Season?

It’s almost that time of year to spread holiday cheer, and often holiday cheer is spread by giving gifts! One place that gift giving happens around the holiday season is in the workplace. As a business owner or manager, you often want to give your employees and customers a gift that they will of course use but also a gift that will keep your company name top of mind! With the numerous promotional products available, there is a product right for every business, for every price range. Here are a few products that I would be excited to get this year!

-Wireless Earbuds: Technology is continuing to evolve and now a big trend is going wireless. A certain new phone that came out no longer has a headphone jack and others may be soon to follow suit. Earbuds attached to a cord may soon be on the way out so why not get on the trend early and consider wireless earbuds as your company gift this year. Earbuds are great for listening to webinars online for offices with an open floor space, and can also be used away from work. Your company name and logo can be on the earbuds itself or on an optional case. This is a product you may want to consider getting now while it is just starting to gain popularity in the tech world.

-Stainless Steel Tumblers: Stainless steel tumblers are very popular but can get very expensive, especially the big brand name tumblers. These products are very popular as cold drinks stay cold and warm drinks stay warm for a longer period of time than traditional drinkware. With technology similar to the expensive brand name models, less expensive models have been created that boast similar product attributes making these stainless steel tumblers more affordable.

In addition to the practical features of this tumbler, the stainless steel design is very sleek and any company’s logo would pop on the tumbler. There are many variations of these tumblers but the traditional stainless steel tumbler, in either 20 or 30 ounces, would look great on anyone’s desk or in someone’s hand when they are on the go.