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Think Menu Designs for All Your Custom Menu Cover Projects

A diner’s experience in your establishment is made up of much more than your food and drink. From your building, to your furniture and table settings, all of these features come together to make up a diner’s experience. When it’s time for a customer to order, the presentation of your food and drink options can play a part in how the offerings are viewed by the customer. Make the presentation of your offerings look as fantastic as your actual food with custom menu covers designed to complement your establishment!

At Menu Designs our specialty is working with restaurants that want a unique menu cover design. We understand that designing an effective and enticing menu is a bit of an art form. As important as creating the actual menu is how the menu is presented to your restaurant guests. Create a lasting impression by displaying your menu in one of the materials from our designer menu covers! Some of the materials in our designer series include aluminum, copper, wood, acrylic, leatherette and even cork. In addition to your menu cover material, the color, font and logos used on the cover can also add to a customer’s perception on what to expect from the restaurant. Additionally, when customizing your menu covers, choose the shape, size and number of panels for your covers. With our customers ranging from high end hotels and restaurants to individually owned businesses, we can design menu covers that will complement any restaurant ambience or decor. There are endless menu cover options for you to choose from and with each unique design, you will know that your menu cover is one-of-a-kind!

At Menu Designs, we know that the details matter for your restaurant. With a custom cover, you can display your menu in a way that uniquely expresses what your brand and food are all about. Our menu covers combined with an excellent menu design, will provide for a memorable dining experience for your guests. Stand out from your competition and make your selections pop! When it's time for your new menu design, think Menu Designs for all your custom menu covers.

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