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What Every Restaurant Needs on Their Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is a time of fellowship and eating more delicious food than we should in one meal. With the busyness of modern day, many families and friends are choosing to dine out for their Thanksgiving meal, rather than cooking at home. Here is what every restaurant needs to make the most out of the Thanksgiving dinner rush.

Proper Marketing Materials

Proper incentives are key to get people in your door when the demand for a great Thanksgiving dinner is booming. So how do you advertise your special cranberry turkey sandwiches, sides of sweet potato mash and genuine apple cider in the most effective way? Market to the customers who already eat in your restaurant with table top marketing materials. For instance, the loyal customers who keep coming back will take time to glance at your unique table stands to catch up on your latest promotions. This is an affordable way to have them craving your advertised pumpkin pie in time for Thanksgiving. Menu Designs can help you choose the best type of table stand to suit your restaurant. We have everything from wood to acrylic, clear to colored, and swinging to multisided. We can also help you design them to be festive and warm, so that your customers know that your restaurant will be in the fall spirit when they come for their turkey dinner.

Don’t forget that we can print menu inserts for the dinner specials on our SuperFlex material. Durable and waterproof, these printed pieces will fit flawlessly in between a page in your menu, so that customers can skip straight to what they came there for.

Enough, Well Designed Menus

After you’re successful and you have them seated on Turkey Day, make sure you have enough menus to go around! I have seen restaurants overflowing, where family members have had to share menus so that there were enough for the high customer volume in the restaurant. The magic number of menus you need is 75% of the number of seats the restaurant holds. Do you have enough? Our specialty is making sure that your establishment has a line of well executed and beautiful menu covers so that your customers leave with a valuable experience.

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