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My Favorite Products for the New Year

As the end of 2016 draws near, now is the perfect time to reflect on my favorite products which really stood out to me during my first semester as an intern at Menu Designs. The New Year is prime time to incorporate fresh products into your hospitality business, whether it be restaurant, hotel, lounge or bar.

Studio Series Menu Covers

The studio series of menu covers offer different elements such as the ability for wood and metal die cuts, as well as various colors. This cover is extremely versatile, coming in any size you desire and can be completely designed to fit your establishment. However, what I personally love the most about this series is the unique qualities of each cover. Give your restaurant or hotel lounge an upscale edge from your competition with these custom menus. The cover is like a creative portfolio where your menu is the featured piece. Customers will keep turning back to the menu to order more.

Wood Block Place Card Holders

Wood texture is in trend. Being both elegant and casual, wood is so easy to incorporate into the feel of your establishment. This is why I love the wood block place card holders. With a simple slide in of a table place card or promo piece, this marketing tool is easy and affordable. The wood block place card holder also serves as an interchangeable and reusable compliment to any table setting décor for parties, events, conferences and bar tables. I can imagine these alongside lovely flower bouquets at a wedding.Don’t forget to personalize these with your business name or event!

Beer Flight Paddles

Although I am not a big beer drinker, I can imagine the beer flight paddles being used for other beverages or foods such as dessert selections, like parfaits! These sampler paddles make the selection of your craft beers or tasty desserts tempting to the eye. Now that the customer can have what they desire instantly, it has never been easier to sell the products displayed. It’s casual and fun! A great addition to any restaurant, bar or event.

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