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The Many Uses of Acrylic

Plastic is one of the most versatile materials in the manufacturing industry. It comes in all shapes, sizes, densities, colors and finishes. Here at Menu Designs, we like to use that to our advantage. Acrylic is a magical form of plastic that we use to create products like acrylic menu boards, menu covers, and tabletop menu holders. Acrylic is functional, lightweight, affordable and durable, which is why these marketing products would be a perfect addition to your hospitality business.

The restaurant industry is constantly changing, so your menus should reflect that. Acrylic menu boards allow for quick changes of the menu inserts which saves time and also money. The menu boards are so simple with a clean and finished look. You can either hold your menu inserts in with white or black bands at the top and bottom of the board, or we can include a metal clip at the top to turn your menu board into a clipboard. These acrylic boards are completely customizable and are each uniquely designed. Include a laser etched or screen printed logo to make them one with your brand.

We all know that the sunshine state isn’t always sunny, in fact, it could rain at any moment here in Florida. Make sure your menus are protected from the elements and splashes or spills with our acrylic menu covers! These covers are modern, chic and versatile. You can go with an elegant frosted acrylic front cover, or a funky and colorful design. Our dedicated design team can help you create a whole new set of menu covers for your establishment to give the place a new feel in 2017.

Want an inexpensive and easy way to advertise guest information, specials and upcoming events? Acrylic table menu holders market to your consumers at eye level. While they lounge around at the hotel café, or wait to order a meal at a restaurant, customers will have a chance to see what you have to offer in these holders. They are great for the retail industry as well and can answer questions the customer needs answered. You can display the class schedule at your gym or the TV channels available in your hotel rooms. You can also move from basic to custom by adding a laser etched logo to these 2, 3, or 6 sided acrylic table menu holders. The options are endless.

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