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5 Tips for the Perfect Takeout Menu

We get it. Life can be busy! While on the go, traditional dining in a restaurant may not be an option. Extend the reach of your restaurant by offering the option for takeout with takeout menus. Portable and handy, takeout menus can be created to look like a miniature version of your restaurant’s menu. Your branding will remain consistent as your restaurant’s marketing expands beyond your restaurant’s walls. With one of your custom takeout menus in the hands of your customers, you will earn additional business as well as promote and advertise your restaurant.

With that being said, here are 5 easy tips to make sure your takeout menu hits the mark:

1. Design Well

You want your takeout menu to reflect the quality and time you put into your food. So, hire a designer to make sure it is pleasing to the eye. It is best to incorporate color. Do not settle for a boring and lackluster black and white menu. Use icons and symbols when applicable, like for “gluten free” or “low calorie” menu options. This will save you the extra text and it shows that you are aware of restaurant market trends. Use proper headings and short descriptions! Finally, make sure to emphasize the ingredients of your food and not the prices. The food should sound so delicious that the customer won’t care what the price is.

2. Focus on Your Best Selling Items

Takeout menus should be a smaller, abbreviated version of your full menu. Space is limited so focus on your best selling items first! Include mouthwatering photos of these menu items to entice customers to explore the whole menu at your restaurant.

3.Include Coupons and Special Offers

Coupons and special offers serve as an additional reason for your customer to take action and order an item from that takeout menu. Cater to their wallets along with their taste buds!

4. Print on Quality Material

In the long run, it would be more cost efficient to print your takeout menus on quality material. A durable material like SuperFlex, will make sure that your takeout menus last longer in the hands of your customers which will prevent the need for replacements. Plus, it shows that you went the extra mile to give a good representation of your establishment!

5. Mail Your Menus

What’s another way to get your takeout menus to your customers? Mail it to them! Your menus will serve as a two-in-one: both a menu and an advertisement for your restaurant. Who knows, a hungry customer may check their mailbox right around lunch time and give you a call.

To see some examples of really cool takeout menus click here: Menu Designs Takeout Menus

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