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It’s Time for a Drink Menu Book Refresh

Your drink sales can be great sources of revenue for your company. When thinking about what beverages to offer, don’t stop there. Not only are the actual varieties of beverages important but so is the presentation of your options as it sets the tone on what to expect. Choose a drink menu book design that represents the variety of options. Menu Designs is your source for drink menu book options that you will want to show off to your guests. In today’s blog post we will review three types of drink menu covers that may be perfect for your establishment.

Looking for a classic menu design and need it now? The in-stock Plaza Series is what you are looking for! A "Plaza Style" cover refers to the four corner tabs that hold the menu insert. This type of menu cover can also be referred to as catch corners. The Plaza Menu Covers is our most popular menu cover, and because of that we stock the menu covers in black and in many different sizes. We offer three styles of in-stock Plaza Menu Covers: traditional Plaza Style, Deluxe Plaza Style, Deluxe Plaza Style with insertable window for displaying your logo. This classic style menu cover provides a great way to show your drink menu design!

If you are looking for a unique way to display your drink menus, you should consider a product in our line of menu boards. For restaurants or bars that frequently change drink menu offerings, these menu boards are popular for the ease of changing out menu inserts. Drink menu boards are also a popular choice because of the various styles available. The different styles of drink menu boards include: menu boards with bands, clipboard menus, Sonoma menu boards, wood menu planks and two styles from our custom menu cover series Newport and Tablet series menu boards. With the various decoration options available, our drink menu boards can be used in any setting from cafes, country clubs and high class restaurants, to bars, trendy hot spots and nightclubs. Available in various sizes, these menu boards are perfect for displaying happy hour specials and drink menus!

While there are various material styles and colors you can use to create a drink book to compliment your business, what if you could go even further with the customization of your drink books and incorporate an image that represents your restaurant? You can do that with a drink book cover that is created with litho printing.

No one else has your logo, your storefront, your mascot, etc. A litho printed drink menu book is truly unique to your establishment. Whether you want to express a bold style or a more refined atmosphere, litho drink books can help you achieve a design that is unique to you!

For any budget, Menu Designs has a drink menu book option that is right for your business. While we only mentioned a few options in this blog post, visit our website at for additional options. Have an idea for a drink menu book that is not listed on our website? Let us know and we can probably make it! Whichever drink menu cover you choose know that all Menu Designs’ covers are made with quality materials and great attention to detail. Whether you want a simple book or the most intricate design, an enticing and appealing drink book equals more sales for your establishment! Think Menu Designs for all your drink book needs.

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