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Summer Promotional Products

It’s finally summer time; the time of year to take a nice relaxing vacation with the family. As the weather rises to unbelievable highs, be prepared for the change of demands from clients in regards to the promotional products they are seeking out. Here are some promotional products that I think clients will really enjoy to give out to their customers and employees this summer:

  • Pop Up Beach Shelter – After kids have spent time out in the water or playing in the sand, this is the perfect place to come relax with their parents!

  • Sunglass Strap – Don’t let the sun’s rays blind clients this year. Provide them with sunglass straps to help them keep their sunglasses nearby for any occasion that may arise. Don’t forget to brand these with your logo.

  • Car Sun Shade – Help clients keep the inside of their car cool and safe from sun damage by providing them with car sun shades with your company’s logo on it.

  • Cooler Bag Chair – Hang out with friends and family in the backyard while also keeping all of the drinks cold! These cooler bags are a hot item for the summer and a perfect place to add your logo for all to see!

  • Waterproof First Aid – To make sure everyone stays safe, whether at the beach or at home, a waterproof first aid kit is a must.

  • Summer Survival Kit – With everything someone could possibly need to have a fun summer, these summer survival kits are the perfect product to put your company’s brand on before giving out to clients.

This summer, while your employees and clients are spending time with their family and friends outside in the sun, help them enjoy their time a little more by providing them with these branded gifts.

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