Think of Menu Designs for More Than Just Your Menus!

We are often asked, because your name is Menu Designs, do you only create menus? In 1980, we started as a menu design company built on our history of bookbinding. Of course in 1980 we never would have imagined what else the hospitality industry would need over 30 years later. We have evolved with the times but keep the name to remind us of how it all started!

Our goal at Menu Designs is to supply the quality marketing products you will be proud to display your logo on. For marketing ideas, our website features some of the projects we have completed since we started business in 1980. With the marketing needs of a business always changing, we are continuously growing our product lines to create the marketing products that your company needs!

In this blog post we will revisit a post titled “We are Much More Than Just Menus”, to review some of the marketing products and services we can provide for you! We will also have an updated paragraph on some of our most recent additions to our product lines.

"We Are Much More Than Just Menus" - Original Post Date: November 2015 and July 2016.

While menu covers and design are what we are known for, we are much more than that. Menu Designs offers countless high quality products for the hospitality and other industries. We have the materials and imprinting techniques that can create the products to suit any business décor. Some of the materials we use include acrylic, wood, leather, leatherette, bamboo, cork, copper and brushed aluminum, in various colors. With these materials we create a wide array of products ranging from: menu covers (food & drink), illuminated LED menus, hotel guest directories, table top advertising, iPad covers and folios, check presenters, counter mats, note pad holders, leatherette coasters & luggage tags, flight paddles, conference room products and more!

In 2017 we are continuing to innovate our product lines! We are now offering our Espresso menu