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Tips for Choosing the Best Promotional Product for Your Business

Anyone can choose a promotional product to giveaway. What is important though is choosing the right promotional product to giveaway! Choosing the right promotional product does require some thought, and some research.

Think about the current promotional products your business gives out. How would you rate these products? Think about it, if the products your company gives out are not products you would keep, chances are your customer won’t keep the product either. You want to give something a customer will see and use, as it will increase the interactions with your brand. With so much riding on your promotional products, it isn’t an easy task to choose the right promotional product.

Today we will revisit a post from 2016 that provides a few “Tips for Choosing the Best Promotional Product for Your Business”, which we hope will guide you in the right direction when looking for your next promotional product to give out.


How to Choose the Best Promotional Product for Your Company

(Original Title from 2016)

The promotional products market is a big industry. Just how big is this industry? According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, estimated sales for 2011 were $18.5 billion for promotional products (1). From pens and note pads to more expensive briefcases and grills with a company’s logo, you probably see at least one promotional product every day and more than likely own a few (or even more). Companies are spending a lot of money on promotional products to have something to give away to clients and customers as a reminder of them. While it’s great to give these products, are companies choosing the right promotional products? Here are a few points to consider when deciding what promotional products would be best for your company.

Promotional products need to be useful. Don’t just give something to give something. While your initial instinct may be any product with my logo will work, you may want to take some time on choosing your product and consider what you want this promotional product to do for your company. Do you want a customer to keep your promotional product on their desk? Carry it with them when they are on public transit? Maybe you are trying to gain followers for your social media channels or even tie it in to another marketing campaign. Whatever it may be, you need decide what you want your promotional product to do prior to determining the product. Don’t just buy a product to buy a product.

In addition to determining what type of product will best represent your company, you want to consider the quality of the product. If you have questions about a product ask! You may even want to request a product sample.

Choose a promotional product that has relevance to your company. A doctor’s office giving out bottle openers? What about a mechanic giving out golf tees? There is a mismatch here with what is being promoted and the promotional product. Instead a doctor’s office may consider giving out hand sanitizer or pill containers, and a mechanic may want to consider giving out tire gauges as these products would be more relevant to the company. Matching your promotional products to what your company does can bring greater recognition to your company and may even trigger reminders. For example: If I see a tire gauge I may think, “is it time to get my tires rotated”? Where will I go do that? XYZ Tire Company is listed on my tire gauge so I should go there. Your company may even get to a point where a certain promotional product in a certain style may be associated with your company only. Now that’s some great promotional marketing!

When you can’t come up with a promotional product that fits your industry…go with a pen! According to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s Impression Study, “50% of US consumers own promotional writing instruments” and “he cost per impression is less than 1/10th of a cent” (2). You cannot go wrong with a pen!

When selecting your company’s promotional product, remember anything that has your company’s logo represents your company. Ensure your promotional products are representing your company well by taking time to choose the best promotional product for your company.


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