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The Best Menu for Traditional Restaurants

If you have visited the Menu Designs’ custom menu cover page, you know we can create just about anything for our customers. If you want copper and cork on your menu cover, we can do that. An illuminated menu cover? We can do that too. A pink menu cover, we got you covered there too. With all these custom options though, sometimes you just want to go back to the basics and get a simple menu cover. Well we can do that too. Even with all the custom menu covers we can create, one of the most basic menu covers is still a top menu cover product for us. That product is our café style menu cover.

Café style menu covers feature your choice of a menu cover trim color and metal corners, along with clear vinyl pockets on the inside for holding inserts which can easily switched out when menus change. In today’s blog post we will discuss the options for our popular Clear Stitched Café Menu Cover, along with the ultimate Café Cover, the Contemporary.

In the café style menu covers line, this is our most popular menu cover. One reason for this line being so popular is that we have an in-stock option, with black vinyl trim and square brass corners in our most popular sizes, for those that need menu covers now. These café covers are also double turned and single stitched, for durability. For those that want a custom café cover, here are some of the options available for you:

-Vinyl Trim Café Cover: Our vinyl trim café cover is not just available in black. Choose from other vinyl options including blue, green and burgundy, along with brass, nickel or black metal corners, available in a round etched or square shape. We have standard sizes ranging from 8.5” x 5.5” to 17” x 11”, but we can make a custom size for your company if needed!

-Fabric Trim Café Cover: Our deluxe café cover features a non-fray fabric trim in a rainbow of colors from red, green and blue, to black and brown. Corners and sizes are the same as the vinyl trim café covers.

-Faux Wood Trim Café Cover: We love the look of Faux Wood. So much so that we thought to try it as a trim option on our café covers, and it worked; customers love this look! The functionality of this simulated leather material, combined with the rustic look of the wood makes this a popular café cover trim option. The faux wood trim colors include light, seafoam and dark gray, as well as light and dark brown. Like the other covers in our café menu cover series, these menu covers are double turned and single stitched for added durability.

-Faux Cork Trim Café Cover: Another one of our favorite materials that we turned into a trim option for our café cover line is our faux cork material. Faux cork conveys an upscale and classy look, and with the material made out of simulated leather, it will also be durable!

In addition to our traditional Clear Stitched Café Menu Covers, we offer a Contemporary Menu Cover in our Café Menu Cover series. The Contemporary Menu Cover features a stiff board cover that is finished with leatherette vinyl, with your choice of square corners. Matching vinyl trim is then turned and stitched on the outer edges of the cover. The cover then can be decorated with a foil stamp, screen printed or debossed logo. Like our other café covers, it features clear vinyl pockets on the inside for easily changing out menu inserts.

We hope that you will consider this basic, yet very popular and functional, menu cover as your next menu cover option.

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