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Here is the Ultimate LED Menu

Different styles of menu covers stand out for various reasons. Our metal menu covers, including copper and aluminum, can stand out for the shine that happens when light hits these covers. Our litho menu covers stand out as an image on your covers that is unique to your restaurant, whether it be a photo of the inside of your restaurant or of your grandma who started the restaurant 100 years ago. Our wood and bamboo menu covers have a sturdy and sometimes rustic look that are popular with many types of establishments.

While these are all unique styles of menu covers that will get your customers’ attention, one style of menu covers seems to always command that “WOW” factor, more than any other type of cover. This style of cover is the Illuminated (LED) menu cover. It’s not surprising that a backlit menu cover commands such attention. The light attracts the eye and amplifies your menus.

In today’s blog post we will revisit a post discussing the illuminated menu options and product features available from Menu Designs. The illuminated product collection can be used in nightclubs and VIP lounges, to hotel lobby bars, upscale restaurants, cruise lines and anywhere lighting is dim or absent. With so many areas of use, this is a product you will want to consider for your business.

Product Options Available

Menu Covers - Illuminate your menu offerings with our one-of-a-kind LED menu covers, also known as The Lighted Menu. Our one panel menu cover is for those with a limited

menu, or add a base to it and it becomes a table stand perfect for displaying specials or announcements for your guests to see when they walk into your establishment. To conserve battery life, the single panel LED menu covers have an on/off button so the menu cover can be turned off when not in use.

Looking much like a traditional book style menu cover, our two panel illuminated menu covers light up when opened, and turn off when closed conserving battery life. For both the one and two panel menu covers, we offer different size menu covers which allow you to have your dessert (8.5”h x 5.5”w menu insert size), drink (11”h x 5.5”w menu insert size) and dinner (11”h x 8.5”w or 14”h x 8.5”w menu insert size) menus all illuminated.

Grand Stand – While it is not a menu cover, the Grand Stand can illuminate your specials and announcements on your table and bar tops. Our LED Grand Stands improve the readability of your table messages and are great for use in nightclubs, VIP lounges, hotel lobby bars, upscale restaurants and any dimly lit atmosphere! The LED Grand Stand features a special call feature that turns the LED to red when patrons require the server’s attention. The Grand Stand has an on/off button to conserve power when not in use, is made out of durable ABS plastic and has an insert size of 6”h x 4.25”w.

Check Presenter – Complete the customer experience with LED check presenters. Similar to our two panel menu covers, the LED check presenters light up when opened and automatically turn off when closed. Our presenters feature a standard credit card pocket on the inside front cover and a receipt pocket on the inside back cover. The check presenters light up when opened, and turn off when closed. These are a perfect complement to your illuminated menu covers.

Product Features

  • Classic Design – While our standard design is created with black simulated leather, Menu Designs is a custom manufacturer and our products can be customized to your specifications.

  • Easy to Change Inserts – Menu inserts are top loaded and easy to change. We can print your menu inserts or you can print on translucent paper.

  • Soft Lighting – Our soft, white LED lighting gives off the right amount of light that allows your guests to easily read the menus, while maintaining the intended ambiance of the establishment.

  • Rechargeable Battery – Our rechargeable Lithium-ion battery has an extended battery life that keeps your menus illuminated for hours on a single charge.

  • Discreet Charging Port – Your product is attractive and we want to keep it that way. Our illuminated products have a discreet charging port.

  • Smart Battery Indicator Light - The indicator light will turn on to inform you when the battery is low and time to put it on the charger.

The Illumination LED Collection features innovative menu covers that are great conversation starters, draw attention to your menus and are a fun alternative to your regular menu covers. We do offer optional product accessories which include two charging options, a single charger or a 10 unit charging station to charge more than one illuminated menu cover or check presenter a time. From the minute your guests see the presentation of the menus, they know they will be in for a fantastic experience at your establishment.

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