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The Ultimate Menu for Busy Restaurants

When it comes time to print your next round of menus, there is a newer alternative to paper that you may not be familiar with and will want to consider. While regular paper does not hold up to tears and spills this alternative will, and thus is especially good for those that do not change their menus often. What’s also great about this alternative to paper is that it looks like paper but contains no paper from trees. So what is this material? This material is called SuperFlex Synthetic.

SuperFlex Synthetic has many uses which makes it a perfect material for printing, for any business! From printing your marketing materials and business cards, to printing menus for restaurants, as well product tags for a retail establishments and informational sheets for a professional business, there are endless ways to use SuperFlex Synthetic! While this material can be used for multiple uses, at Menu Designs we use this mostly for the printing of menus.

Why do we like this material for menus? Here are a few reasons why we suggest SuperFlex Synthetic for our customers:

  • The SuperFlex material presents a professional look, thus the colors on SuperFlex pop and the brightness is retained for long lasting vibrant colors.

  • SuperFlex is built to hold up! SuperFlex is extremely durable and tear resistant. While this material may look like laminated paper, the material is much sturdier and will continue to hold up even with frequent use.

  • In a messy environment? Food and drinks can spill, leaving you with a mess to clean up. With SuperFlex you will not have to worry about your documents getting ruined with a spill. Superflex Synthetic can easily be wiped clean even from sticky sauces and caked on food. This material is also waterproof as well as grease, scuff and stain resistant.

  • With laminated documents, moisture and water can seep inside. Moisture and water wipe right off with SuperFlex. Wanting to use SuperFlex for a pool or beach menu? Consider adding an extra coating to protect your menus from sunscreen.

  • SuperFlex comes in many different sizes and thickness. Not only do we have the ability to fold certain thicknesses of Superflex, some thicknesses are also able to be die cut, embossed and perforated.

  • Looking for an eco-friendly product? Some of the SuperFlex products are recyclable; just ask us which ones.

  • Printed sizes can range from 4” x 6” to 11” x 17”. Thickness can range from 4 pt. to 20 pt., available in a soft and rigid style, with many sizes being able to be scored and folded.

These are a few of the reasons why we like printing on SuperFlex for menus. What do you think about using SuperFlex for your next menu?

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