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How Menu Boards Change your Customers' Dining Experience

Each year we are delighted to bring on interns to help out in our Marketing Department. A new college school year has recently started, and we have welcomed two new interns to David Dobbs Enterprises, Inc.. Ben Straw is our intern on the Menu Designs side of the company, and I am excited for you to read his first blog! -Jamie Douglas, Director of Marketing

How Menu Boards can Change your Customers' Whole Dining Experience

Customers are more likely to create a connection and reminisce over something that was different and unique from any other prior experience. For a dining experience, the menu is the first tangible impression that a customer receives and placing a menu board in front of them will guarantee to make long lasting impressions. Due to their untraditional nature and chic appearance, menu boards can uplift an establishment and drop them into the latest modern day trend.

Besides the fact menu boards dismiss the old-fashioned style menu, they are extremely user friendly and adaptable to any setting from cafes, country clubs and high class restaurants, to bars, trendy hotspots and nightclubs. Such establishments can now have the opportunity and freedom to continuously recreate their menus at no extra effort or cost. Whether you have daily specials, a seasonal menu, or just need to add something, menu boards can cater for it. Our boards allow for interchangeable inserts through binding methods which include screw posts, elastic bands, and clips.

The screw post is the most professional and classy binding method. It delivers a flush finish that works extremely well on wooden boards, and you can even incorporate synthetic leather into the design. The rubber band and clipboard binding methods on the other hand are geared more towards functionality and relaxed environments where being trendy is at the forefront. Elastic band binding is relatively new to the industry and serves two bands which attach in notches situated at the top and bottom of the board. Our clipboard menus however, which are available with either a dome or a lever clip, have a retro style that has re-surfaced to tick off the best dish in town.

The three main binding options are all available in a number of materials including a colorful style, wood and driftwood, acrylic, and bamboo that each present their own qualities. Colorful menu boards are hard wearing, made from rigid press boards and also water resistant against spills and splashes. The colorways of this style display a very artsy and paintbrush effect which is funky and appealing to the eye. The wood and driftwood clipboards also present durability but are seen as a more elegant, tasteful approach for a restaurant or bar that can additionally be stained to give a natural, warming texture. Acrylic is another common material used when wanting to keep a menu water resistant, making it ideal for a pool oriented environment whereas bamboo is considered to be the eco-friendly menu board option with its unique design.

The latter four materials are all great for displaying graphics, providing an excellent surface to use techniques such as laser etching and screen printing to implement logos, symbols, and other relevant information regarding the business. As well as having the ability to choose any shape or size desirable, menu boards are considered our most customizable product yet. Take advantage of it!

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