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This is What Millennials Want

Target millennials by staying on top of the latest trends and giving them “lit” promotional products that’ll make your business “the plug.” For most, millennials are extremely important customers you don’t want to let down, considering they are the largest generation and have the most spending power. Here, we have broken down a list of the “fleekest” promo products to make your millennial customers feeling “hundo p” and make your competitors take the “L.”

Have you ever noticed anything about millennials’ laptops? They are almost always covered in stickers. Many millennials love adding cool-looking stickers to their laptop’s collection. Get creative and create a Custom Sticker millennials will love to have.

All Things Beer

If there is one thing millennials love, it’s beer. Get giving with cool Koozies, Pint, & Pilsner Glasses. Trust us... they will have them for a while and will generate many impressions in social environments.

100% of millennials in the U.S. say they traveled in 2016 (Skidmore Studio). That’s 83 million millennials that traveled. Give them something they could use like a Custom Shaped Luggage Tag.

Not only are these Inflatable Air Sofas super trendy but they are perfect for concerts, festivals, camping, and more. Impress your millennial customers with this valuable promo product.

Millennials are very conscious about their carbon footprint. Many actively reduce waste by using Reusable Tote Bags. Not only will this giveaway get some good use, it is also one of the most inexpensive promotional products per impression generated.

You’ll high key look super fly when your business gives away these Water Resistant Bluetooth Speakers to your millennial customers. Not only will an awesome giveaway like this make them loyal customers, but all their friends will want to check you out too.

One of millennials’ favorite activities is Netflix and chill. Supply your customers with their new go-to comfy blanket with your logo boldly attached. Fleece Blankets are also perfect for traveling and outdoor activities; both of which millennials are loyal participants of.

The best way to get noticed by millennial consumers is to relate to them and make them feel like you understand their wants and needs. Giveaways that represent their unique generation will generate brand recognition, build customer loyalty, and get people talking.

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