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How to Maximize Beverage Sales

Traditionally mark ups from your alcoholic beverages can be a great source of revenue for your company. When a customer comes into your bar or restaurant they will more than likely know the basic offerings that they can order, that are standard across most establishments, but what about cocktails that are special to your establishment? How is your business marketing those beverages? As important as the actual beverages offered, is the presentation of your offerings. The presentation of your beverages helps set the tone on what your customers can expect. You want to choose a drink menu book design that represents the variety of options you have to offer your customers. At Menu Designs we are your source for drink menu book options that you will want to show off to your guests. While we are a custom manufacturer and can custom make the product that is best for your establishment, today we will highlight three types of drink menu covers that may be perfect for your establishment.

If you are looking for a custom logo menu cover that you can have in your hands fast then look no further than the Insertable Deluxe Plaza Menu Cover by Menu Designs. This menu cover is perfect for displaying your beverage options, and is in-stock in three sizes. This special menu design allows YOU to customize your menu cover. Simply print your logo on any color printer and insert in three easy steps! There are no dies or set-up fees. If you decide you want a different logo for your menu design, you can print out a new logo and repeat the steps. Having a custom menu cover has never been this easy, you will want to check out the Insertable Deluxe Plaza Menu Cover today.

If you are looking for a unique way to display your drink menus, you should consider a product in our line of menu boards. For restaurants or bars that frequently change drink menu offerings, these menu boards are popular for the ease of changing out menu inserts. Drink menu boards are also a popular choice because of the various styles available.

Our newest additions to our menu boards series include our in-stock menu boards and our series of driftwood menu clipboards. We are now excited to offer our menu boards with bands, in-stock in Espresso and Golden Oak wood stains. Our in-stock boards are available in three sizes and two band color options. If you need a menu board now, you will want to check out our new in-stock menu board options. Our Driftwood menu boards fall under our Colorful menu board collection. The Driftwood collection is inspired by water and its effects on wood. Choose from four water inspired designs for your next menu board!

While there are various material styles and colors you can use to create a drink book to compliment your business, what if you could go even further with the customization of your drink books and incorporate an image that represents your restaurant or bar? You can do that with a drink book cover that is created with litho printing.

No one else has your logo, your storefront, your signature drink, etc. A litho printed drink menu book is truly unique to your establishment. Whether you want to express a bold style or a more refined atmosphere, litho drink books can help you achieve a design that is unique to you!

For any budget, Menu Designs has a drink menu book option that is right for your business. As we mentioned above, while we only feature a few options in this blog post, our website has numerous other options. Have an idea for a drink menu book that is not listed on our website? Let us know and we can probably make it! Whichever drink menu cover you choose know that all Menu Designs’ covers are made with quality materials and great attention to detail. Whether you want a simple book or the most intricate design, an enticing and appealing drink book equals more sales for your establishment! Think Menu Designs for all your drink book needs.

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