8 Attractive Giveaways for the Healthcare Industry

When promoting your clinic or healthcare office you want to provide giveaways that are useful and cute, yet also informative and represent your organization well. The giveaways you choose have to leave consumers with some underlying feeling of trust that they can come to you when ill or injured. At Dobbs Global, the promotional products side of Menu Designs, we offer the best giveaways for businesses in the healthcare industry. Here are eight attractive giveaways that we think would be perfect for any business in the healthcare industry:

First Aid Kit

This is a great addition for fundraisers, tradeshows, health fair, or even in the office. Giving a First Aid Kit away with your logo on it is a sure fire way to build brand awareness. This is a giveaway consumers won’t ignore. Tip: Choose a kit in a bright color to stand out.

Hot/Cold Pack

Make athletes and parents happy campers when you provide these awesome FDA approved Hot/Cold Packs. They are reusable, long-lasting, and will provide immediate brand exposure for your healthcare business.

Hand Sanitizer