Tips for Achieving the Perfect Takeout Menu

When thinking of what you need for a successful restaurant, put yourself in your customers shoes. What would make someone a customer of your restaurant? One important factor to keep in mind is the lifestyles of your customers. Are you catering to the busy lifestyles of your customers? From jobs, to after work events, to picking up the kids from school, then taking them to their activities…your customers are busy!

Knowing that customers are busy and traditional dining is often not an option for your customers, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to do business with your restaurant. Extend the reach of your restaurant by offering the option for food to-go with takeout menus. Portable and handy, takeout menus can be created to look like a miniature version of your restaurant’s menu. Your branding will remain consistent as your restaurant’s marketing expands beyond your restaurant’s walls. With one of your custom takeout menus in the hands of your customers, you will earn additional business from your busy customers as well as promote and advertise your restaurant.

In today’s post, we will revisit a previous post on five easy tips to make sure your takeout menu hits the mark:

1. Have a Stand Out Design

You want your takeout menu to reflect the quality ingredients and careful preparation that goes into your food. One tip to help your menus stand out is that it is best to incorporate color. Do not settle for a boring, lackluster black and white menu. You want your menu to stand out from black and white menus. You want customers to pick your menu from a stack of menus.

Another tip: Use icons and symbols when applicable, like for “Vegan friendly”, “gluten free” or “low calorie” menu options. This will save you the extra text and it shows that you are aware of restaurant market trends. Also, use proper headings and short descriptions! Finally, make sure to emphasize the ingredients of your food and not the prices. The food should sound so delicious that the customer won’t care what the price is.