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Custom Menu Guide

Whether you're upgrading a preexisting menu or you're a new establishment, we can help you understand how to create a custom menu design that represents your establishment the way you wish to be noticed.

At Menu Designs, we offer multiple material and decoration options, so that every cover is different and unique. Our design team can help you make your idea or vision become a reality!

We have created a simple guide to help you get started.

1) Get inspired. Check out our collections page, with pictures of each of our materials including, copper, bamboo, wood, leather, tropical, etc. to find ideas on what might be your next cover.

2) Binding Options. Learn about the different binding options we have to offer, and see the ways that inserts can be held inside the cover.

3) Choose a Material. Learn about the different materials we have. When designing your custom menu, the cover material will play an important role. We have these materials broken into different series, on our collections page.

4) Decoration Options. Choose from our decorations such as, windows, foil stamps, deboss, emboss, embroidery and more!

4) Request a Quote. Once you have an idea of what you want, request a quote and one our design members will assist you with any additional questions you might have.

5) Complete Cover. Put all the pieces together! Design, logo, material, binding option, and getting with one of our team members!

Now that you have all the necessary steps to create your custom menu, it will be easy for you to get started, and have your new covers in your establishment in no time!

Request Information HERE.

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